I like Hoopz... Not the Raptors

The great american TV LAndscape .. No Cable gives me no incentive to watch TV at home.. so on the road I can catch the foolishness and international soccer with Digital stations. One show has stood out.. Flavor of Love!!! Flavor Flav is really making 4 good TV..

Wonder what chuck thinks?

Anyhow, brief synopsis: Flav is looking 4 a new love, has 20 women in his mansion.

They all got something going 4 them... I guess.. some eye candy for real, but my pick is Hoopz.. I'm talking 'biscuit', healthy, complexion dope, and seems like her head is on straight(questionable considering she's on reality TV).. and if she's cool with Flav she's cool with me..

Hopefully, I can getthis show in Canada.. if not I'm gonnaget my hands on a series DVD.
Here's Ms. Hoopz

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