It's OK to Touch

Heard about the CMWs? Canadian Music Week?

Lots of rock and alternative bands blaring for he young A&R's attention. after looking over the schedule there's some good showcases out of the 40+ happening during the weekend of March 1-4, 2006. There's even a band called Whitey Houston, the name alone gives me the urge to go see them. They seem to be all the rage.

But, I'm an urban type cat.. so let's talk about the exclusive. Invite Only or Badgeholder entrance event brought to you by the good people at iSkin and Peace Magazine. I C U Rina. The Line up is good, let's do it momento style.

After-Party is gonna be memorable I'm a veteran Lindo P fan and he's just closing the night out on the wheels. Definite fire to end the night, I've seen him talk on the mic, while Dj for himself and holding a guiness and a spliff. And it still sounded better than most of these Djs outthere today.. King ya effortless. Prior to Lindo is Honourable Hip Hop Senior, DJ Red Alert
opening up the post performances. Who knows what he's gonna spin but as long as it's funky.

As for the Performances, this might be the show that you'll wish u never missed.

  • Flakko - Reggaeton Sensation
  • Alise Phoenix - Buzz Band of the moment
  • Moka Only - Vancity's own, harmonizing emcee
  • The Black Jays - Kardinal and the energy squad.. must see!
Make ya calls now, cuz I"m notsure how u plan to get into this one. Go get ya CMW badge or call in favours.. or leave a comment. I got 2 tickets 2 give away 4 this "invite-only" event.

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