The Last Meal: Donuts

The hiphop crowd on the net has been searching 4 the truth concerning the reports of James Yancey/Jay Dee/J Dilla the Hip Hop producer with the midas touch passing away. The same Renaissance boom-bap sound that stuck to the roots and let the branches grow wild passed just 3 days after releasing his anticipated "Donuts" instrumental CD, he will be missed.

During the late 90's and beyond J Dilla has been consistent with core hiphop anthems that were embraced by those who remembered the passion the music could bring. All of his tracks were under rated, and truly slept on. The were fueled by his consistency.

Shorlisted for the Artistic Achievement in Music October 2001 – the US
equivalent to the Mercury Prize. Whether you know it not, Jay Dees been
rocking you for years, producing chart topping hits for rap luminaries Jay-
Z, Common, De La Soul and Busta Rhymes, Tribe and Erykah Badu, as
well as Janet Jackson and The Brand New Heavies, this is the roll call of
how Jay Dee blasted off (Westwood). Unless youve been buried deep in a
hip hop proof bunker for the past few years chances are youve shaken
your caboose to a few Jay Dee dope jams …. The latest super producer.
(Id magazine 2001)

Souled Out @ Reilly's on Yonge (Downtown Toronto) any Wednesday of the summer season, u were guaranteed a J Dilla set that would drive the crowd nuts. Welcome 2 Detroit was beyond classic. There are a handful of producers that are able to achieve the "feeling".

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