Easy Coasting Vol.1

Me and the muscle just got in the hotel.. got the wireless fired up and hit theblog right. First things first, on the way to the check-in we saw our peeps Taboo, DJ Ritz and Neil. Usually holding us down at Distrikt, they taking the show on the road to Halifax with their hiptops in full effect.
By the time we got in the air we came back down. They charging $2 for everything. I guess that makes thing easy? I guess I'm cheap. or efficient. Anyhow we got a dope suite upgraded from a 2 bed room. It's was worth the work, it feels like Oshawa.

Look out for hitting the Juno festivities.Ohh and why does the bar stay open till 6am?

Here are some questions i hope to answer during this weekend.

  1. What's Really happening in NorthPreston?
  2. Is Kanye with Pam Anderson?
  3. How Much Love can Canadian hiphop get in Halifax?
  4. Who runs Halifax?
  5. How long can I keep this upgraded suite?

P.S. I met a dude with a trophy on the a Volvo... Classic!! The guy with the red hat is the owner, he introduced himself as "Ski Bum Bob". Great way 2 start Esy Coasting.

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