SXSW presents the Concert that Saved HipHop

What happened to the rocking Austin conference that would serve the rock, country and alternative community so proud? This looks like the year to be in the spot. Outside of the thousands of bands performing this coming week in the heart of Texas, Levis Jeans and Fader Mag are acting barristers for the question is hiphop dead?

This is the concert of the year. Saturday 18th. I see Ghostface Killah, Lupe Fiasco, Devin the Dude on the performance tip. Djs Rapid Ric and Michael '5000' Watts. Jigga's newly acquired midget, Lady Sovereign is in there somewhere .... but, I digress.

Here are some questions....

  • Have u heard the Fishscale Advance?
  • R.O.T.N. is a) Undiscovered Mixtape b) 80's Movie c) All of the above
  • Devin the Dude has been on records with Dr. Dre and Premier. True or False?
  • Are u gonna be mad when next week comes and u never went 2 Austin, Texas?

I'll be on youtube early sunday morning looking for the bastard that taped the performance and shared it with the salivating people like me. I know u're salivating too.. let it dribble. I've yet 2 experience a GFK or Lupe concert., but the Devin joint was fire. These 3 have the material that can rock crowds in 2010. Fresh off a Canadian Tour and stops in Europe Devin is priome 2 open for the Wally Don who awaits his 5th major single release. Not to mention Lupe just announced his release date for Liquor and Beer along with an ad campaign with his own signature Reeboks Classics.

And the DJs are gonna be amazing. Michael Watts and Rapid Ric are staples in the Houston and general Texas rap rush. Anyone who gets to peep this show.. pleeeease take some footage .. SXSW is bringing that feeling.

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