Caribana....Wrapped Up

If you haven't been, you have to. If you've been going since 19.. then you'll probably share my sentiments (Excluding Soca Warriors). The parade is cool it shows the culture of the caribbean thru a canadian perspective. Alos, there are the night club and promoters that see it as an opportunity to cake up. WE are talking some WEdding Cake.. Ridiculous prices to enter a regular party hosted by Q from 112, remember him?

Also, I had the pleasure this year to roll with my cousin and his friends. It's funny because I always used to act disgruntled about the Americans that straight dog our get girls and get love. This year I was on the dark side.. but hey, homeys I feel ya pain.

Just for future reference, round up ya team, guys, girls, family and have a good time no matter where you go. There's nothing worse than going out with the expectations that the promoter is going to provide the level of enjoyment that you can provide for ya self. I had a dope Caribana, cuz the peeps I was rolling with were jokes..

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