The Mix CD/Tape/Podcast

We are the future... right diddy?
but, some of us have been blessed to see the past.. Mixtapes, I made'em, play'd em, fray'd em.. from Bass Oddysey - S'n'S - Clue - Baby Blue... there were a gang to choose from.. and they set up the trend of getting people buzzin.. Then the mix CD Black Chiney - Kay Slay - Whoo Kid - Mastermind...

The thing to look out for was the creativity in the tape.. Lately.. uhh, creative, where? huh? ... Until I picked up Team Canada's Classic Material mix, early 2006. It was a very good bump! Ridiculously hot mash-ups with witty cuts and cheeky skits payin dues to the can-complex.

the moment kinda faded.. until I was introduced to Girl Talk by the most indie pop co-worker. Night Ripper blew my mind! So much, that I had to go back to Classic Material to see which CD is better. I'm still undecided.

Both Djs are steady touring check out their myspaces for samples and tour dates. they will be in your city. and if not book their creative forces.

Team Canada

Girl Talk

while we're on the topic go nuts with the first in digitaLissa akathe.go.to.girl's podtape. Free Download the innovation.

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