Some Sort of Footage

So.... I suggested there would be some sort of footage. Here's my crappy attempt to be a cameramang. LDN performed by Lily..

absolute darling. I swear she's fooling the masses with the ability to look so innocent and curse like a sailor over dubless ska riddims.. Lily did a really dope show that had the crowd singing and dancing in a full Lee's Palace.. If it wasn't for the DVP being closed halfway downtown, the venue would have been rammed to the tits. Her cover of 50 Cent's 'Window Shopper' was dope.. not sure how many caught it in the spot. The only thing is that her show was relatively brief. It left the crowd begging for her to come back... rumours are she's back in the new year. Dope sample for her first time across the Atlantic.

and let's not forget the beautiful Lily Allen fans.. brilliant in'it!!


Michael said...

Actually, re: "Nan, You're A Window Shopper" - it's not a 50 Cent cover...it's a parody of his song "Window Shopper".

Safari said...

cover/parody same diff..