Canucks @ Justo's

The annual Justo's (R.I.P.) Mixtape Awards are going down in New York @ The World Famous Apollo Theater, December 7, 2006. Obviously, the mixtape game is rampant with vets, upstarts and posers from all over the globe. This particular award ceremony provides a platform through a category for Best Canadian Mixtape DJ. It wouldn't be right if I didn't take a personal check on this category's best.

Baby Yu
Currently on tour across Europe en route to Australia & Hong Kong. Has Big name mixtapes with exclusives and strong hosting.

Chong Wizard
West Coast DJ that has been gaining buzz the past 2 years with Mash-Up CD Philmatic blending Mr. Collins and Jones for a very talked about series. His newest project is Offishal Badman Bizness hosted by Kardinal 'Canadian Coke' Offishall.

Flatline has been steady in the tape game releasing various hosted tapes with the standard graphic work. I have seen his work and his team MilkCrate Fam that generated interest from their features with Wu-Tang members.

Jr Flo
Great DJ Live, He has been ripping it as a turntablist and has the chops to make the top 40 clubs bounce. But I haven't seen a consistent amount of mixtapes from his direction. But, when he drops a CD pick it up before it becomes a ebay collector's item.

In the canadian mixtape game, Law's a general. Most undercard emcees go to DJ Law to produce a quality mix that steps their game up proving how dope a DJ/Mixtape producer they have. U can also catch Law on Project Bounce's Night Shift

I'm biased, this is my dude. Stand-up guy that takes music knowledge and expression to a level I can mess with. Yup he's walking with Stevie Wonder in his crates, so that means he's got that neo-retro on lock.Don't think he'll hold back on blasting you with the freshest club bangers. Click that link on Mensa!!

Rated R
First heard this cat on the airwaves around 2003ish on PB. Since he has done various mixtapes, usually with a Dipset feel. I can't front, I haven't wrapped my ears around them.

Mello: I have no info on this dude... maybe I'm not diggin enough

My Prediction: Baby Yu - he's a beast in this game and sets the bar fairly high! Best of Luck to everyone in the game and those coming up for next year. Keep showing the Skill from Above!!

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