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I'm that guy who embraces technology. I've been on mp3s before I knew what to do with them. But I truly don't have an iPod/MP3 player. Spending most of the time by a computer or in transit towards one, I always have MP3s around. but, maybe it's time considering there's not enough room for the amount of Dope CDs that are being released lately.

Currently listening 2 Kingdom Come as I run down my list right now.

'Y'all Rappin/ I'm Re-enactin''

The Game's Doctor's Advocate is a real good West Coast Album.. but he reminds me of the Perez Hilton of the rap game putting evveryone's business out. My standout track is Wouldn't Get That Far feat. Kanye West.

"Had to Dust off The Hammer, Dance!, Can't Touch This"

Harlem is owning a couple dances, and I'm not talking the Cotton Club. The silly looking Chicken Noodle Soup w/ a Soda on the side (as done by Dora) and Dipset's own 'Ballin' dance that upgrades the same 'ole 2-step are now infamous. Don't get sidetracked, Jim Jones' album is way deeper than the jumper. P.O.M.E. has a strong ideas outside of the usual lifestyle, girls & cars. It's worth a spin.

"Wouldn't u loot? If U didn't have no loot, Baby needed food, stuck on the roof"

Magnolia Homes own Father-Son team is in the building, giving a much needed focus back to Lousiana. The Saints aren't doing a bad job neither. Birdman & Lil' Wayne have been filled with controversy and such. But the truth is, if I aspired (right now) to be an recording rapper, I'd wan't to be Lil' Wayne. With lines like:
  • I heard there's a drought round here/I'm called Sonny bono, I always get my share.
  • I'm always high around to O's/ like Ohio
These are a must.. notto mention that another Dilla album is in the deck.. ready to go.

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