Check 1-2 and Run Down the Line

I'm very late with this posting but due to the fact that this link has under 1000 views. I decided to put it on Blast. The advertised line-up for Rock the Bells Toronto consisted of:

  1. EPMD
  2. Redman
  3. Raekwon
  4. Smif & Wessun
  5. DJ Kool
  6. Supernatural
Whatever the reasons, only EPMD showed up. Angry crowd. Bottle of heini thrown @ the stage messing up DJ Scratch's (of EPMD) laptop. He refuses to be a part fo the show. EPMD has to perform over DJ Starting from Scratch's available vinyl/files. 4 song $50 concert.


Anonymous said...

well supernatural was there too. but that obviously didn't make up for what happened.

Safari said...

I'm wondering how many people in the audience would pay $50 for a Supernatural show. I might, only if he predicted my future in the form of a Freestyle circa Craig G @ Jack the Rapper