U Know She's So Good!

From the early days of my blogging I've been that GFK fan. His tight palette for music put me onto someone new. Ms. Amy Winehouse gives an old soul presence to the fresh production from Vet Salaam Remi and Cool Cleleb Mark Ronson. She's a platinum success on the prime meridian and is only buzzing in the N.A., with a glimpse only spotted from those above.

I find her holding an air of sexy 'n' sultry based on her confidence. In the United Kingdom of Tabloid she has made the rounds for inebriation and weight loss I can only see her as a real woman. Takingthe good with the bad forced into the circus society. Whatever, I like her tracks.. and her vids, VOILA!:


You Know I'm No Good (w/o GFK)

Stronger Than Me

F*^k Me Pumps - note: take this song 2 the bank


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