Creative Hijacked!

Do you know what it means to be that guy? I don't, but I was slightly inspired to tell this story on the blog, due to the fact that reading DP sparked something from 2000. But, I'll get to that.

As far as pioneers go, there are some standouts in the canadian urban/hip-hop minidustry, re: Figure IV pioneer Sol Guy. He has been the victim off idea jacking, as fresh as the VH1 Pau Wau & Chef trip. This along wit a classic Shyne project that he indirectly influenced, Sol has been ahead of his time.

Let me highlight what he's been jacked for:

  1. Barrington Levy - Rember "Top of the World" by Rascalz? Well, Sol G was working hard @ Bad Boy/Arista while managing Rascalz, we doubt that it's a coincidence that the 1999 release was followed by Bad Boy pimpin Barrington Levy on 2 Shyne singles in 2000.

  2. Sierra Leone - This tie's back into the VH1 special and Kanye "Conflict Craze" of the deadly diamond trade that was documented in 2000 by Rascalz and Sol Guy here. There's actually a video too, I just can't find it.

Check DCM for more movements ahead of it's time and possible targets for jackage.Sol Guy

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