Dreaming of a Perfect Valentines

If if was a spliff we would be all f*cked up - Keith Murray

There's a sea of white on this supposed red day. Props to the storm for giving a reason to avoid the valentinas. It's not that I'm not a fan of this day, but let's take into consideration if we were with who we really wanted to be with (according to the media). What would I do on valentines day?

Kim Kardashian:
This night would probably start around 11:59pm Feb. 13th, when I scream to her, 'The Chocolate Bath is ready!' You know that creamy kind in the middle of the Guylians.

Stacy Dash:
Just 'cuz I'm a thoughtful lad, valentines with Stacy Dash would have to get involved with role playing from one of her earlier films. I'm thinking 'Moving', when I saw that movie, the world stopped being about King Kong Bundy, but I'd play the role of KKB on Feb. 14th and challenge S.Dash to a squash match.

Christina Milian:
I love me some C. Milian, but considering her choice in men, I'd have to say no special valentines for her, I'm still mad at those decisions. She gets ordered to her room or has to watch sports w/ me. Or maybe I'd make her watch some classic movies, because she's a horrible picker of those as well. I have to say she does look good, so I'd probably at the least take her to dinner in a well lit resto and then a popular club just to stunt w/ my sexy accessory.

Is this what GCH call's Cupid's Chokehold?

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Lisa said...

Nice. Kudos. Valentines day is Schupid but it gives me an excuse to play my favorite baby makin tunes. Gonna be lotsa Isley Bros and Stevie Wonder tonight.