Walking like the MoonWalker

Personally, once Justin Timberlake went solo I started to notice the 'CD is to MP3' as 'JT is to MJ'. Comparisons have been stated. So, I peeped the new video for "What Goes Around Comes Back Around", and Scarlett Johansson is definitely fire. But let's get back to the point. Epic video, why? I'm not sure if our attention spans can really handle that nowadays. I was wishing the vid was on TiVo/PVR.

The video is a decent one, Justin's performance shot looks like he's been around the world.. uh huh uh huh! What gets to me is the acting/interuptions. He's roughing up S-Jo like... Bottom line it has no angle on Smooth Criminal. Remember when MJ leaned in that clean white suit? Had the boys falling on their face in the lunch room...

Enjoy Director's Cut:

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