Here Comes The Heat

I'm serious, waking up to this is worth millions. Then I remember driving in to no snow/ice on the ground. We in that spring season!! The same vibe that keeps me on the road and more slick with the inter-gender convo. To make things even hotter than the plus weather we've been waiting for, there's a ton of stuff to do! Let's see if I can do this in chronological order.

Tuesday... u know the drill

  1. The Director's Cut - Drake & Trey Songz Video Release party @ Revival March 27
  2. Get Janet's 25th B-Day & Peace Magazine Spring Issue @ Budo March 27
  3. MIMS album Music Is My Savior is dropping across Canada on the 3rd of April
  4. Lily Allen drops off @ The Pheonix on April 5th
  5. 6 Degrees
In essence of what is hot.. there's some MIMS Swag and The Future is MIMS mixtape by Kast One. Cliquez! Keep ya eyes peeled for those promo grinders!

And nothing is hotter (IMO) than the Atlantic Division leading Toronto Raptors, projected Eastern Conference Finals!!

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