Old School Love

    This post has been building for a while now. Over breakfast food at 4a.m. with both sexes there have been debates about the most beautiful old chick. I definitely adore the grace a beautiful woman can age. I think it started with Claire Huxtable. I'm not the only one. So, when ladies are in the presence I bring it up, kinda as a reminder that if they don't stay on their tasks age could get the best of them. But if it doesn't a well maintained lady can ride shotgun till the late 70's!
    Compiling this non-ultimate 15 over 40 was lots of fun. I advise anyone who reads this to check google images, flickr, getty for more images and some vintage looks. Especially my lady S. Loren... to this day I think she holds herself with the same air that will have any man weak.
        Feel free to comment on anyone that would fit this list.
        Order is chronologically ascending.
        Big words were used not to offend the offendable.

      1. Sophia Loren - September 20th, 1934

      2. Diahann Carroll - July 17th, 1935

      3. Catherine Deneuve - 1943

      4. Patti Labelle - May 24th, 1944

      5. Phylicia Rashad - June 19th, 1948

      6. Pam Grier - May 26th, 1949

      7. Iman - July 25th, 1955

      8. Madonna - August 16th, 1958

      9. Bo Derek - November 20th, 1956

      10. Vanessa Williams - March 18th, 1963

      11. Vivica Fox - July 30th, 1964

      12. Rosie Perez - September 6th, 1964

      13. Stacey Dash - January 20th, 1966

      14. Halle Berry - August 14th, 1966

      15. Salma Hayek - September 2nd, 1966

      16. What a list, non-related but coincidentally check this Tribute out.


      Anonymous said...

      I agree with you. There are some absolutely fabulous women over 40. As the biggest Phylicia Rashad fan I know, she definitely tops my list but some of the women on your list are stunning. Talk about fabulous genes.

      Anonymous said...

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