I had this feeling that this week would be full throttle, but man the past Tuesday had some heat to it. Robin Thicke concert @ the Mod Club upgraded by RThicke dedicating lost without you to a brave man proposing to his girl during the intro to 'Lost Without You'. Moving on from the emotions, I jumped in the whip with my Co-D's from WRG and Mato Toys to take in Jazzy Jeff and the unveiling of a new drink in Niagara Falls. Jazzy Jeff killed it, rocked the party with the tech skills of aturntablist but kept the Top40 crowd moving. Skillz on the mic didn't detract from the vibe. He boosted it definitely. Got a chance to jump in the 'Sino, it was a struggle but I cleaned up my cellphone bill. Yes, the $400 one.

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