Barefoot Becky

I went to the Joss Stone concert. I'm not her biggest fan, but damn I know she can sing. Wasn't sure what to expect from the crowd, I walked into MILFapalooza @ Koolhaus. I would say the venue was 80% capacity and I think by the amount of people taking aadvantage of the limited seating, a good amount of people weren't rocking their orthpedics.

As for the set, it was full of her songs from Introducing Joss Stone. Considering that her previous 2 albums were more successful I'd expect her to get more into those cuts. Midway into her 60+ mins. set her fans noticed the trends and started to slide to the exit. Not taking anything away from her vocal abilities because she can definitely hold her own on the stage and her band is beyond solid.

It just seemed that the other intangibles were effecting how her show was recieved.

  • Venue was too big

  • Acoustics weren't warm enough for her sound

  • Maybe she's ready for a soft seater tour

  • Hard to connect with her emotions from the back of venue

I do like her new hair color(s), it actually makes me think of a cool summer time treat. It goes well with her barefootedness. One last thing, if you went to the show, was Raphael Saadiq on the guitar? Cuz, it looked like they put an understudy in his hat and taught the scribe his mannerism. They never really put the lights on him so I was sure it was a Phony Phone Phoni. Canoe disagrees.

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