Big Belly Week

105/365 - Body Image
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Checking Soundscan gives a heads up on how things go down a week after the Compact Discs hit the shelves. Considerably a canuck I have to keep my eyes on The Revolution. Featuring This Guy, Those Girls, The Godfather, and This Gotti it seems like the investment makes the stakes high for our Ottawa Senator. (I'm dying to make a duck remark!)

All in all, we're looking at a strong performance for first week sales in Canada for a domestic hip-hop act. I'm not mad at the singles, I can get with it. Won't bump it on the mp3list but if I run into it I'm not mad. Do check for the youtube of History of Violence, where there is value for the experience of Belly's upbringing. Congrats to being 27th on the National Sales chart.

This MMVA weekend I'm looking for those bottles to be poppin'.. $50 to anyone that can spot Massari in town or at the same club as CP and the Bodyguards.

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