Dailtone Video by Daetona


I've actually been waiting for this video. Why? because the actual track is sooooo big! Production is classic, lyrics and delivery is clean. Daetona has the voice of choice. So when the youtube link is presented I don't hesitate to click. Take a look for ya self, better yet take a listen, because it's a lifeless performance video that has me twitching for a video girl. Even if she was rocking a dookie chain and troop track suit. Is it a coincidence that this dropped on Pride Week? j/k!

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Anonymous said...

beat is alright, dude's flow isn't bad, but lyrics are average. too many clich├ęs, too many over-used punchlines, etc... dude has potential, but he's nothing special. straight up average.

Duane Watson said...

For the energy and illness of this song, the video kind of takes away from it to me. This joint is a BANGER and the video is just so/so, don't need gloss... just a "Flava In Your Ear" remix video, a lil' disapointed.