11 Ways 2 Get Paid @ Caribana

Water Break
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It's that time of year again, yup the Americans take their trip through customs, the Canadian girls wear 80% less clothes and the canadian dudes try their best obscure accent. And the non-'urban' folks head the f)(k out the city to cottages or elsewhere to avoid any type of accessible culture. This is what we call Caribana. I'm not sure if I can be using the correct spelling, I heard the committee tries to sue folks.

Anyhow, you can either earn or burn this time of year.. I'm in the middle.. little earn & little burn. There's over 1million revellers invading the downtown core for the Yonge St. stroll on Friday night, the official parade on Lakeshore on Saturday and various parties around the city. Why not devise a scheme to get that cheese in 48hours like Nick and Eddie. Here are 12 ways to get your stacks high like roti skins.

  1. Selling Bottled WaterTake a trip to Costco and stock up on like 50 24-packs @ $2.00 each. You're now looking at 1200 bottles. Sell those at your price point and earn easy.

  2. Throwing a Party
  3. Ummm, not a fan of this one, lots of competition and the initial investment could be larger than expected. But hey, if you get your numbers you can keep the door prices at a premium you can have some extra change or make a killing.

  4. Becoming a Rickshaw Driver
    I have no idea on the cost of the Rickshaw, but think of the health benefits.. now that's earning fat boy!

  5. Tour GuideGet on craigslist now!! Make a post that you'll be available as a personal concierge to make the most of a trip for vacationeers. A butler for a day is nescessity in the dot, someone has to take up the deal.

  6. Renting your apartment
  7. Tell your lover-lover that you want to spend that quality time with them the whole long weekend. Meanwhile, you have rented out your apartment to the rowdiest of rowdy party kings/queens that threw a crazy deposit at you. There's a stress component, so that's the chance you take.

  8. Rent your fly whip
  9. So you have those 22's sitting real low and the interior has been right since your last pay cheque. Why not share the luxury for a luxurious price. If this might not apply to you, I suggest you rent the '92 Lincoln.

  10. Be a Street Promoter
  11. This one is easy. Hand out flyers for some club promoter. Hopefully, the promoter of the parties that you want to reach all weekend. And if you are a real good promoter, you might have a relationship that could take you through the doors 'VIP Status' the rest of your party days/nights.

  12. Translator
  13. Are you blessed by being born bi? If so, good, translate for those that need to ease through the anglo world of Toronto.. and maybe there are folks that are clueless to the island dialects. Cutting through the language can save mucho dinero, let your clients know!

  14. Selling White Tees
  15. Umm.. white tees are cheap and everyone wears them.. just don't eat the curry chicken while ya working. You need a Trini grandma to get that stain out.

  16. On the spot barber/stylist
    Skills or not, I say set up with 3 lawn chairs near an electrical outlet and start cutting... It might not be that sanitary, but we making money right? Noone said McD's is healthy, it's all about the convenience. And ladies, bring ya gel / make-up kits and take care of these women!

  17. Designated Driver / Chauffeur
  18. Everyone this weekend wants to drink. You abstain from alcohol and get drunk off income, G'Yeah!!
Now go forth and make it hot like jerk seasoning, fitting for hot staples from Jamaica, Shouts out to Sean Paul for making a living off of saying 'Ya-Ya, Yo-Yo' and giving video bubbles. Check for him with a bunch of others @ Ontario Place Sunday. Here's Ess Peezy featured in Eve's new video.

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