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The Carps

Think of what the Whites Stripes would be without the sexual tension. Now add multi-cultural, sub-middle class experiences straight out of Toronto's east end. That's my 2 sentences to describe The Carps. I have no clue why I haven't posted this goodness earlier. The live show has been making serious rounds within driving distance of Toronto. After catching the video on Much, I realized that the massmedia will not beat me ever again! So don't let mass-media influence you into buying T.I., Hilary Duff, or MCR. The only exception is Rhianna, she's sexy w/ a big forehead, like someone I know. So here are 2 ways to support Carpedia and defeat mass media.

  1. Buy it from iTunes
  2. Check them out on Monday @ Grass

    Scarboro to Compton Video

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