It's been a while since being on the food tip, but here's a brief recap:

360 at the peak of the CN Tower. I chose the hearty Portobello Mushrooms, not bad, had better for the price. I heard the culinary talk about height, maybe I'm paying for being in the tallest free-standing tower in the world.

Portobello Mushrooms @ 360

I've been requested to nyam the Duff's Famous Wings on College (w. of Bathurst). On a slow paced Friday, I got to jump in and not finish the 20 wings 4 2 peeps. I should have asked for more heat on the spice game!

Duff's Wings

So, Taste of the Danforth is about deals right? Not anymore, this is the $5 Souvlaki. That I actually had to leave the beer garden for because I'm not trying to eat burgers or hot dogs in there from Pickle Barrel on a traditional greek festival.

Taste of the Danforth $5 Souvlaki

To add to the mediocrity of my diet, I actually ate off this grill from the chef who drove with his supplies in the old school V-Dub! Life on the Warped Tour, I guess.

Taste of the Danforth $5 Souvlaki

Here's some scraps from Warped/BeerFest...

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