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I wouldn't say I'm a guys guy, but polygamy is way too easy for a man. The urges remove any morality especially when sex is involved. This is the reason why I like "Californication", David 'X-Files' Duchovny's HBO show.

What you were thinking a show about Flea?

I caught the first episode 10 minutes in thinking that Duchovny's lead character was insane in the bad way. 5 minutes later I realized he's really a nut, but in the entertaining way. How can an out-of-work, relocated, 1-hit wonder writer get his daughter and baby mother back(even though he caught her cheating), not be entertaining. In the first two episodes I've noticed that this guy has the most awkward sex life ever, and I'm still laughing just thinking about it.

Check the first episode here.
Mondays @ 9pm HBO or TMN Rogers on Demand for the canadian folks.

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