Video :: JD Era - Paper Chase

First things first, I'm a fan of JD Era. But once, you put a video out there it's open for critique. So here's the fitted:


  • Era gets simple on the flow, cuz I've heard him drop disgusting flows
  • Hook is what it is.. Everyone say "Income"
  • Best line is "These are Nikes no need to Converse!"


  • The aesthetics of the video are tight
  • Editing was solid
  • Money flying slo-mo in the grafitti alley, is this a "What They Do" attempt?
  • I'm not really getting how the visuals tie in with track
  • I'm guessing the budget was limited, so congrats for gettin er done!

Once again this is just a look, if ya don't agree .. look the other way. Or check this track out of JD Era ripping a hole in this posse cut from 2005's Trial's of a Hustler by Aristo.

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