Biting is Hip-Hop

don't try to bite this., originally uploaded by WordsManifest.

But the worst is when you have two artists that seem so similar, but then you wonder if the latter to the style is actually handling the cookies. Case and point is on the new Kanye West leakage of Graduation. Drunk and Hot Girls (Pre-Fall/FilmFest Anthem) is a rap and croon track featuring the Mighty Mos Def. Skip to the bridge (3:30)where I smell K-os. Come on Mos Def.. I mean if we have no clue who K-os is then it's fine, nope. Cuz you know better. Please check K-OS if this seems like a rant about a 'new' artist.

On a different note this should be a interesting weekend if you care about indie music that isn't very indie anymore. Yeah Yeah Yeah!

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