Give Kanye Some Justice

Kanye MTV

After this weekends spaz-out and then last year's televised spaz-out at Europe's MTV awards, Kanye has made a J-Turn and jumped on the Justice / Electro / Hipster bandwagon. If "Stronger" wasn't a sign, then the video for Good Life is. Directed by Jonas & Fran├žois the same director's of the VMA Best Video of the Year nominated "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice. IMO best video of the year I did a backflip the first time I saw it. No disrespect Rihanna, we light-skinned big forehead people gotta stick together, but this time you deserved a "L" go steal the VMA from Fergie!

Anyhow, peep the art, HipHop just got Hipster-f*cked.

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