Polaris Position

"I Get Money!", the phrase from the Audio Two track that is being super saturated today like McDick's French Fries. So, as canadian urban acts usually do, follow the lead right? In the Nasty North the money flows from government agencies to anyone willing to do the paperwork, it's true! Flip to current indie news(and believe me canadian hip-hop is still very underground ask any high-school student), the Polaris Music Prize is being awarded on Monday night. Presented by big, bad Rogers this award is "$20,000 for a full-length canadian album, judged solely on artistic merit, without regards to genre or record sales." I believe that, considering last year Final Fantasy won it.

Enter the big question, how come there's no real 'urban' representation? I can answer that one, noone is releasing records and submitting to these type of press generating awards. Anyhow, my vote is going towards the Junior Boys, cuz they keep it funky. That's all I can ask for in these days and times.

Junior Boys

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