The Season

Let's get off the worn path for a minute, I know right, leaving the ladies, hip-hop, and even soccer behind. Why not, for one post, I can sacrifice that, but what is going to fill the void? As usual the goods.

After pushing the past 5 days without much sleep and timezone changes it's time to relax. Turning on the TV prompted the surfing and even though the Patriots are setting up a spanking, the Raptors are smoking the Bobcats at halftime and Sabre is proving that she can dance, I had to go with el classico. A Charlie Brown christmas. This would put my soul at ease, and sooner than later Schroeder, the resident soundman would put his work on the keys. I totally forgot how much jazz was tracked during Peanuts. I mean, this stuff is really stimulanting. Take some jazz to the brain once a week, try and step it up to daily. There's various angles on jazz, just like hip-hop, so a little digging and recommendations will go a long way.

Since we are getting into the spending season, I thought dropping something that has value for this season would be a great way to get this December started in a different direction. Welcome to Donald Byrd's A New Perspective, the 1963 5-track that feature the addition off the gospel choir to the regular ensemble. With song titles like:

  1. Elijah

  2. Beast of Burden

  3. Cristo Redentor

  4. The Black Disciple

  5. Chant

You're definitely going to find the holiday touch running through the smooth piano, horn and vocal arrangements. I've been jumping into this record very hard to get my levels corect. Take this as spirit music to get through your holidays with a new perspective. Download Full Length

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