Fela The Leader

Fela Kuti

There's nothing like passion, it's the raw energy that comes out of people completely comfortable of who they are. When these people make art, especially music, it's a beautiful thing. After reading one of my fave blogs, it triggered the memory of a great post @ TSS. These 2 links can get you up to speed on one of the past century's musical heroes. When you think of living, think of Fela Kuti. The man who studied music in London, toured the US, had been deported from the US, set-up his own "republic" inside a nightclub in Nigeria that was indifferent from the Nigerian state, was raided by the military various times, one time involved the death of his mother, Fela's response, to deliver his mother's coffin to the army. So you are thinking that this guy is a don, well let;s not forget he married 27 women and had a 12 wive rotating system. At least, he's trying to be structured. Anyhow, this man's music is driven and intelligent without leaving the people it's made for behind. There are over 40 albums to complete the collection, so check it out folks. This man does not dissapoint.

Passion of Weiss (Written)
Smoking Section (MP3)

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