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The first time you see Ciudad de Deus you are immediatley drawn to an amazing world that is Rio de Janiero. Personally, anyplace in the world that values Soccer, Music and Women is my kind of country. Now let's make this a black-history post and take it back to 1959. The year when Black Orpheus won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Haven't seen the movie? Well if you're a movie head take it back along with your modern standards for film appreciation. Every year during Rio's carnival, the public TV stations throw on Black Orpheus to give the energy that the movie captures from Carnival. Guess what's on?

I love this movie, it's real raw, but classic. It takes the mythological greek story of Orpheus & Eurydice and drops into the cultural hot pot of Brazil. It was also appreciated around the globe by various translations and most of the prestigious film awards. Given this was an international co-production between Italy, France & Brazil. The soundtrack was a blast of BossaNova guided by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Speaking with my Mom-Dukes, she remembers the first time she watched this movie and how outstanding and fresh the music was. Take it in and get the renting. Get your spex on, it's sub-titled, well worth it. Below is the Bossa Nova.

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Duane Watson said...

Safari, any post that bigs up bossa nova i am sooo for!
Oh, and I have the Criterion Edition of Black Orpheus still!

Good call.