The Whole Band Speaks With Their Hands

I came across an email with a flyer for a party. It read all the genres that would be playing at the specific night. Golden Era Hip-Hop, Electro, Rare Grooves & Bloghouse. I was thinking about this one for a while, completely kurrfuffled about what the criteria for bloghouse would be.. until I was sent an email from a buddy with these youtube links. I stop letting the idiocy of genre naming get me screwed and enjoyed the ability to perform live. Instead of working for hours on your macbook and sending a poorly mixed mp3 to a weak equivalent of palms-out. So here are 2 freaks of culture that were never supposed to play together. ITF turntable champ DJ Jr. Flo and Matisse, the pianist, not the painter. Artists no matter the weather, these two have created a fresh look at remixing and live performance. There are 4 other vids on youtube so check this one below and when you go check it out live, stop watching the DJ and get buck on the floor like the scenesters do!

Talib Kweli - Get By (Keyed & Krated!)

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