Bueno Santo

I spent my first day today at CMW, a 4-day conference and festival for the music industry in Canada. I'm not sure where I want to take this post so *BEWARE* this is a free type @ 4am. Low alcohol in the system. I saw some folks I like, saw some folks I didn't know. I was then suggested that I check out a head to head discussion with 2 music biz modern visionaries. Bruce Allen and Bob Lefsetz. I respect both highly and made my way to take the perspectives in. I was charmed ealry into the hour long tete-a-tete until the same people that they warned the audience about appeared in the two speakers. The same people that they believe are ruining the music industry are represented in Bob Lefsetz and Bruce Allen.

Even though they believe that there needs to be a new model to locate share great music, I would doubt that they would understand the evolution of great popular music. Why would I say that? Two reasons.

1. Mr. Lefsetz mocked Feist's song "1234" for a lack of creativity and hinted that the iPod commercial would be a paramount in Leslie Feist's career. Sheltered are we... Feist is a legitimate artists with a great foundation to become a career entertainer.

2. Bruce Allen suggested Clive Davis made Alicia Keys more amazing than her just about average abilities. I' not going to go into that comment, I just have to say I don't agree.

Now with that in mind, here's a blazing new artist that went undiscovered at CMW 4 years ago when she performed as the lead member in fusion rock group Stiffed. Ms. Santogold, I pray she is a part of the meteor shower that provides the extinction of the music industry Criticasaurus Next. Here's the video for Les Artistes. Search around for the M.I.A. remix.


As cool as Kim Deal! said...

I find it a little irritating that they're calling her song uncreative and she didn't even write it, I mean Feist was making music for 10 years (+) before she was featured on an ipod commercial and honestly I don't think it had THAT much to do with her success, that song would have made its roundabout way eventually.

Safari said...

I have spoken to a couple folk and they have directed to it being a personal shot at her.