One is a Lonely Number

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Lots of folk living this single type thing. I don't mind, but the topic always comes up. It becomes a war game for genders. So here's a female perspective of why you might be single from MobLiving.

1: TOO ANAL: Picky about height, job requirement, payroll, cars, clothing....etc etc Not paying attention to the important components that create a stable & solid relationship. Yes, some would claim to have high standards....but there is just a fine line between having high standards - and being plain plum anal.

2: USUALLY HAVE NOTHING GOING FOR THEMSELVES: Which include being a broke ass bitch - and having the nerve to complain about a man or woman having to take care of them....ARE YOU SERIOUS? Some of these individuals don’t even have a job...tons of kids....and want to go digging around in someone’s hedge fund! Now that is the kind of shit that urks the living piss out of me of on a regular basis.

3: TOO CONCEDED: I think most women get this misconstrued for confidence....If you aren’t sure of the types - please look out of your windows now or perhaps take a walk to your local Starbucks! You will usually find them there....sitting in front of a high resolution LCD screen sipping on a “red-eye”, working the Webster’s Dictionary lingo to the bone...and having absolutely NOTHING but deep rooted insecurities that lie deeper than shit plastered against concrete pavement!

4: NOT KNOWING WHEN TO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!: Now this is a major problem where many single people fall victim. Have you ever found yourself at a club or bar.......only to have some random person say something that was better left unsaid? Yup....EXACTLY MY POINT!

5: GETTING IN TAP WITH SELF: I think that this is the MAJOR issue at hand. 6 out of 10 [statistics given on my own accord] folks really don’t know who they are! Some really don’t have a sense of direction as to what they may or may not want out of life...and if you think this may change in the near future - please note that you are running into a dead end street - if you know what mean. Trust me - I am so not kidding on this one.....for example - If you so happen to meet a man/woman and he/she is [lets say] 29 years of age, and you so happen to ask them “Where do they see themselves in the near future” [career,goals,life, etc.], and they say “ I don’t know”.....please BYPASS THE PHONE NUMBER & KEEP IT MOVING! Ambition is a definite turn on....well for me at least! I feel that a partner should have some what the same personality set as you....wouldn’t you agree?

6:YOU WILL NOT FIND YOUR SOUL MATE AT A CLUB!!! Damn how many times must I let my friends know about this one! Now I have a friend who swears up and down that she will find her soul mate in the midst of booty shaking music, dim lights, & a large crowd. That is cute for the music videos.....but how many times have we come across those one night stands?

7: IF YOU MEET A PERSON IN A RELATIONSHIP - PLEASE RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION: Now this is another issue that stretches itself from state to state. There are some men and women who find themselves wrapped up in a love triangle that ends up in a disaster! Now let’s be clear....if you are SINGLE - PLEASE DON’T GO AROUND FUCKING UP OTHER PEOPLES RELATIONSHIPS....EVEN IF IT”S ALREADY ROCKY! Mind your business and find something that is suitable for you - hence...another single individual like yourself!

8: THE “IMMA GONNA” SYNDROME: How many times have we heard “Yo, IMMA GONNA do this & that”.....Usually these individuals have no concept of time - and that time is indeed money! Don’t talk about it....BE ABOUT IT! If you so happen to hear this statement used more than 10 times....please BE AWARE!!!!

9: THE FLIRT: Well this is an issue that finds itself becoming a major problem. Men & Women both suffer from this disease....and well even though it’s natural - there are some who really don’t realize that flirtation should be done sporadically....not constantly!!! Which may lead towards a beat down. Shit I knew a girl who felt the need to bump and grind on my man in a club...and her excuse - “ Well, I was drunk” - My excuse......”Fits To Cuffs”. Usually these individuals can be found within your local clique with a smile that lingers on after the joke has already ended....so please be advised!

10: STILL LIVING AT HOME WITH THE PARENTS: Granted....there are times when we all go through a financial glitch and going home to the parent may be an option - which I am not opposed to! But there are some who have never left the birds nest. Yet, they feel that they have reason for their picky ways. I personally know someone of that caliber and let me tell you....IT MAKES NO SENSE! How can you judge anyone.....before you judge yourself ? Remember...people who live in glass houses.....[you fill in the blank]

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