Roots & Culture


This post, like most of my blog, is completely suggested by my perspective developed by my experiences. My experiences have been groomed in very mulit-cultural environments with a strong guide from a adventurous madre. With that out the way, I'm going to have to point y'all out! Y'all meaning the folks that are in that not-healthy Comfort Zone. If you're reading this and taking offense, I'm probably typing to you.

I was planning on checking some brand new tunes & DJ on Friday night, I linked up with a homey and went to something I've done before. It could have been whack, but I met a lady who suggested that since moving to New York from Toronto her anonymity allowed her to truly find herself. So nescessary! I find that the clique'ing can assimilate you to counter to the various cultures that are available to be sampled.

It's time to get your culture in check. Know what you are really down with. If you're folks don't share the same interests outside of chasing tail or downing ale or tuning your import. Get outside, there's plenty of options .. get some culture. It's so important. It broadens perspectivs and rounds out your personality. If you find yourself in a social routine, break out of it. Here are some ways to get some easy culture.

  • Try new foods, and I'm not talking the new McRib
  • Go out to a Museum
  • Search out a small town festival & take a drive
  • Volunteer, it will give you a great appreciation for the time you might have been wasting.

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