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Janelle Monáe, originally uploaded by johnf*.

Yeah, I could have taken the title and ran wild considering summer is on it's way out and the randy-ness is looking for new outlets. I'll save that for a Kim Kardashian post. This one goes out to new records that hit the net. Forget the store shelf, for real!

The lioness in the arts field is just way too intriguing. Some hit the stage fierce and proud, others take their time to come into their own. I tend to embrace the niche femme that expresses before assimilating. The reason I boost Santogold, Kelis, Sade, J, Davey and now Janelle Monáe. If u were paying attention, she was on Big Boi's Purple Ribbon All-Stars album smashing "Letting Go". Recently, she has jumped into Diddy's world, and I'm happy. Diddy has always angled success through some recognizable channel. Best of Luck Janelle.

Check out her video from Metropolis - Suite I: The Chase

In the mean time take in her Purple Ribbon feature on

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