Bear Market

My boy Eeyore put me onto this video. Perfect timing because I've been avoiding the Kanye-Westage that is infecting the internets. Especially the kiddies who think that they are coming up with such a find, "Have you heard the new joint from Kanye?". Of course, because everyone reads the same blogs (and watches the same porn) online. So, I've been denying any Kanye leakage, I'll wait for the album to hear a complete full length LP of auto-tune warbling. Sounds like a good strategy until the youngsters roll through and play everything you've been avoiding since summer at full blast and when you check it out, how can you be mad at Mr. Kanyeezy when he is definitely evolving. Cue the video:

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Loop said...

W.E. man get with the time its 2008 almost 09