In Case U Missed,Taral Hicks

Through random music conversations I always seem to draw for some rare artist that had enough tracks and looks to become a household name, but eventually didn't. So every time I'm going to suggest that obscure artist, I'll follow it up with my two cents and video representation In Case You Missed....

Taral Hicks is probably more popular as a mediocre actress in your cliched black film, excluding her breakout role alongside Robert Deniro in A Bronx Tale, than a songstress. Her role as DMX's wifey in Belly was probably the most memorable role, that's if you saw Hype William's hip-hop silver-screenery. This translated for her when Hype directed the Deniece Williams cover "Silly". A stunning black & white video that amplified the emotions of a classic love song. Great marriage, that provided Taral with a brief shot on the billboard charts circa 1997. Take in the video below.

Taral Hicks - Silly:


dj lissamonet said...

yaaaaah "distant lover" yaaaaaah

Heyhomee said...

Reminiscient of Tisha Campbell here. "Daymmmmmm Gina!" Different lyrical genres, but faded into mediocrity nonetheless.