The Circus

First things first, happy holidays. From Festivus to Kwanzaa and everything in between. The one thing about the holidays is that it leaves my regular soccer regiment on the fritz. So I was happy to get a run on yesterday. Had a good game, 5-0 clean sheet, brap brap!

On the way back to the gates my mind started to wander. From that point on I realized that I was goingto hit the blog on some Be./WiLL ish. So take this in, as a teen, I was fearless to many faults. At the request of the elders I've reserved my reckless desires and decided to coast to keep the standard attributets, even though it was below my personal expectations. So here comes the circus...

On my TV, there was a timely performance of Cirque Du Soleil's production of Kazoo. This explored my previous thoughts of caution vs. passion. Do I want to be the clown, ringmaster or running the wheel of death. Not to take anything away from any particular act, I know that the Wheel of Death makes the show. Transferring the energy from two humans to an elliptical juggernaut that is sustained by the two artists takes passion not caution. In fact caution is closer to death in this case. And that's how my soul feels.. say goodbye to caution and hello to the circus.. see ya in the new year!

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