In Case You Missed It.. Nicole (Wray)

nicole wray, originally uploaded by dwayne..

Late 90's anything that came through Virginia was the bees-knees. Think about it, producers like Timbaland,The Neptunes, Missy Elliot .. and from Missy's camp we were introduced to Nicole Wray. I was impressed because at that time, we were still listening to Aaliyah, Faith Evans, and Mariah Carey during this time. Nicole definitely had one of the sharpest production teams around her. She made three videos during her release of "Make It Hot" in August of '98. Timbaland & Missy were influential in the creation of the album so the sounds were definitely on point. Somehow, Nicole didn't get thru on the debut. It definitely was a good album, but the competition was way too stiff. Moving on to the new millennium she signed with Roc-A-Fella, to no release. She's still working on her craft popping up on records here and there, so we might see a second coming of Nicole Wray. Take the video in for "I Can't See"

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