Straight Out The Closet

Clockwork Orange, originally uploaded by Safari2.0.

I'm going to be brief about this post. Well as brief as I can be. I met two university aged females at an art show in Toronto this weekend w/ my boy. The convo was cool, considering I'm a layman in the art world and the femmes were art majors. It all changed when I was asked, "Are you gay?". It doesn't phase me to be asked the question, but when I inquired about her process of deduction to come to the sexual orientation question, I was hysterical with laughter.

She said:
"My friend works retail and sells Canada Goose jackets and black gay men wear red goose to tell other gay men they are out the closet"

The only thing that comes out of the closet is my jacket. Now come to think of it, the time spent with this jacket hasn't been as sexy as other jackets. I think I'm blaming it on the jacket.. What do you think about this story?

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