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Gav x Char x Safari

So you meet alot of people through out your life and really have no clue why. Just think about it, some of the dearest people, outside of your family, are in your life and when you really check it out you completely forgot how this relationship has come to be. So, I've been on a couple road trips with my boy Gavin Sheppard, from across Canada from Toronto to Whistler, various trips to Ottawa/Montreal and one amazing trip to New York that made me think.

At the border crossing near Kingston, ON the customs agent asked Gavin and I where we were going, why were we going and how do we know each other? That's a catch 22, we're friends right, do they want a histogram? But, I guess the hesitation was deemed suspicious. We were pulled over for further inspection and the manager at the border realized his agent was a loser and told us not get caught up with NYC girls.

I could not tell you when, how or why I met Gavin Sheppard, but I definitely am grateful for having a mind to battle with as a brother. Here's a look at his take on creative education on the highly touted TED conference.

Morocco 2010 getting educated at Fez.. R U StillDown?

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