The Eastside's New Crack

originally uploaded by Sifu Renka.

How the hell have I not tried Smoke's Poutinerie? I'm guessing their locations don't really align with my movements. Let's see:

  • Not really across from Filmore's much anymore, except for last night when I went in on a Chicken Peppercorn Poutine(CRACK!)
  • Adelaide and Duncan, oh clubland parting was far from sorrow
  • Bathurst and Queen, how have I stumbled by you w/o notice?
  • The big question is how did I miss the Poutinerie on wheels?? Can you say dopeman dopeman?
Make sure you line up for their Xmas special that includes Turkey/Ham, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Coleslaw to top your Fries, Gravy and squeaky curds.. Smoke is Santa for the streets!

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