OK... She Can Definitely Rap

With the new decade breathing on our neck, I had went into a zone during a light conversation. I was asked about a new album by an older artist. I said I never heard it and really don't care to. Why, because if they made good music in the 90's(for argument's sake) what's the relevance in what they are dropping in 2009? does it give you the same feeling that made you a fan, or you're acting like a chick who holds onto the dude who made her feel special well knowing that has passed with time and it will never happen again.

So, what does this have to do with Nicki Minaj? I almost slept on her in her most important stage, the grassroots, because I didn't think anyone was bringing anything new. Caught with trying to avoid the hip-hop of the past I've detoured current goodies. As far as playing catch-up with this Queen's queenie , she's a beast with her delivery. Hate if you want about her subject matter or visuals, but when she is more clever and versatile than her male competitors, get the ratings out the vault and share some like a menage.

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