2ronto 2night

I swear there are weeks in Toronto, when there is nothing, well nothing I wanna do, going on. But when it goes down the options are endless. 2night 2 must see events are going to have to take a skip, while I dip. So don't be a loser like me and check 1 or both of these joints out... weird enough the only reason I knew about these events is because I follow them on Twitter

I looked for a flyer online, but really tho, this is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and if u ain't feeling me... Stop it slime! Check the track record, from the 8 iz Enuff crew with Big L all the way down to The Dipset days and the cuuuurve to his latest Boss of All Bosses 2 w/ DJ Drama. Cam'ron has been beyond consistent. So check out his shenannigans in the heart of the clubbed to death district @ Circa 2night.

I swear, this dude came from out of nowhere but I'm fine with that, because dude is a chief. You know a solid mix when it stays on rotate on your iPod nano. That was the case with Kingdom's Discobelle Mix. Check him @ The Drake

Kingdom FABRICLIVE / Fool's Gold Promo Mix by fabric

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