'Oh Six Music Pix

A couple of choice picks.. yup wit influence of stirling swords in extra training in the art of war.. that sounds like a bag of crap but it's the truth.

HipHop Sidney Crosby Pick
Lupe Fiasco - Hustlaz Song

  • Lyrical, Nerd, Street.... does that make sense? No.. but it sounds great!
  • Jay-Z Executive Producing release on Atlantic in 2006
  • R.O.T.N. Held my CD player down the entire summer

Commonwealth Creative Pick

True Tiger - Eye of the Tiger Vol. 1
  • Fastest selling UK Grime Mixtape
  • It stays away from Techno/Dance sounds
  • MC's and Vocals are on point... Wiley, Doctor, Bearman, Carly Bond etc...

Nescessary Soda Pick

Cassie - Me & U
  • She's a hottie
  • It's Catchy

Alternative 2 Media Pick

J*Davey - Might as Well
  • They don't sound like you
  • soul/rock/electrovibes...
  • listen 2 it yourself

Skankin City Pick

Busy Signal - Any 45
  • Big tunes on 45s have been mashin up dances around the world
  • About 2 Tour Japan/Canada/Europe w/ Bounty Killer
  • Busy!

The Syrup Pick
JB - Album TBD
  • Member of GuilyCrimePosse... check that album
  • Collabos and production from choice artists not bredrens
  • Doing it Solo.. for real.. with distribution deals...
  • + has a dope voice!

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