knock your scene out!

Toronto Hip Hop nite spots have been growing with a whole new crowd, that is building with the help of Fred E Fame, DJ Law and Mike Stoan, among others. Strip Hop on Mondays with live performances from the local heat(talent) have been buzzin and looked to progress into a really dope thursday night with a Triple Threat Release Party.

2 of the 3 Mixtapes being released were from artist from the Made Men Music movement. Nem-S-Iss and Adam Bomb both were prepared to celebrate an eventful night in their career, when at approximately 12:30am on the 13th Friday of January 2006 the police shut DNA Lounge at Adelaide/Peter down. There seemed to be a physical between 2 groups of women during the night. This was the match to bring the heat to the venue. On entry the police proceeded to check the DJ booth for firearms. The DJs of the night, DJ Law and DJ Serious, are not typically known 2 be involved with theose allegations.

The sad part is that it was a call made from an attendee at the club that night. Coming from the crowd that regularly rocks 'Stop Snitchin' tees, who used the green-light to prompt the closing of what appeared to be a promising night before any performance could hit the stage? A show that would feature Scandalis, Nem-S-Iss, Adam Bomb, with a guest appeareance by Richie Sosa.

The Mixtapes are still gonna be on road if u missed the op for the artists rockin' the spot. Shouts 2 the performers, Fred E Fame, DJ Serious, Stoan, Law, Esco, all those who passed through and those who didn't.

Final Question*
Since mostly people attending are involved in the city's hiphop scene, who called the bwoyz?
a) A Rapper
b) Club staff
c) A Breaker
d)A Promoter
e) A Drunk Lakeshore/Cabbagetown/Forest Hill Fan
*only the police know!

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