and the nominees are....... who?

Seee, once a year we have this thing called the Junos.. think Canadian Grammys.. We have some amazing acts coming out of this country. Some are cool, corny, trendy or just popular likeMichael Buble(that Nina Simone cover was dirty), Simple Plan, Celine Dion, Nickelback.. and the indy rock scene is bubblin really well under the Arts & Craft imprint.. big things 4 Feist & BSS...

But when it comes to urban music there is a huge lacking... but let's see what's on the scoop:

Kardi - Fire & Glory
Eternia - It's Called Life
Classified - Boy-cott the Industry
K'naan - The Dusty Foot Philosopher
Sweatshop Union - United We Fall

I know who these guys are.. but does anyone else? Kardi aside, this is the problem of awareness, utilizing the available outlets. that's not going to be discussed here. but hiphop is not supposed 2 be this lazy.

There are some folks that I'm wondering where their names are. Rochester aka Juice, Jelleestone, Mathematik (Urbnet Records would have a hay day with him in there too), Rez Official or War Party.. I probably missed a few others..

The good thing tho is that the R&B game in Canada is insane right now...
Between Massari and Devine Brown with amazing numbers leading the expectations, Jully Black's long awaited Debut, Shawn Desman's follow up and the rookie with a commendable work ethic that will keep her around for years Cory Lee, this should be the category to watch outside of the Alternative Album of the Year.

There is a sign of things to come.. with fresh new faces and names, there should be some investment in building these names to take them beyond their initial fan base.. I hope the investors are listening.

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