Houston sans Grill

I've been to alot of shows.. heard lots of music.. but this was the goods... I don't know why, because obviously, Devin the Dude isn't the most talented, or diverse, or striking individual, but he gives you that gutter soul. I mean, the connection he has with his fans from the warm production to the charming vocals, had his job rapped up 5 minutes into his performance at the Reverb in Toronto. He went thru a solid 30minute set, maybe it felt like less, because time was flying singing along with 'Doobie Ashtray', 'Lacville '79", or "I Just Wanna .... You!". He even brought up a local artists during the encore to sing back up vocals. If u get a chance take this show in, the vibe he drops is just like his records. This is the Houston just after UGK and way before the Ice Grills. Actually, it's just Devin. Shouts 2 JB & Matt!

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